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Experienced Voice and Data Integration when it counts!

When Experiece Counts.  SIP Telecom uses the talent of its staff to assist customers in the development of innovative solutions using existing technologies.  With broad expertise in Telephony, Linux Servers, VOIP, WAN/LAN technologies, SIP, UPS, Structured Cabling, and the Connecting customers to the World via SIP Telecomintegration of all of these technologies, SIP Telecom is prepared to handle IT/Telephony projects for its customers.

Serving Small/Medium Enterprise Companies.  Today's Small/Medium Business Enterprise (SMBE) has unique challenges and requirements for their networks that did not exist in the past.  Gone are the days of calling a vendor to install an expensive proprietary telephone system.  Also gone are the days of installing a simple router and ethernet switch for your data network. 

However, along with these changes, many business are finding the ability to eliminate costly legacy analog and digital telephone trunks that are a huge cost to their business.  As many SMBE's try to embrace the new word of Voice over IP telephony, they commonly discovers the pitfalls that are not described in the "simple" VOIP technology they are purchasing.  And, many VOIP products on the market today are just another proprietary solution using VOIP, with the locking in of customers to a one vendor solution and another sunken investment.

Open Standards.  SIP Telecom solutions are always around the use of open standards, the same ideal that drove the internet revolution in the late 1990 and early 2000's.  The same principal of standardization that drove the development of ethernet switching, routing, IP, MPLS, etc., drives the modern networks of today.  Standards based products have driven technology advances in the IT community for decades, and VOIP and the Session Initialization Protocol (SIP) are driving todays changes in the telephony community like we have not seen in decades.

Cost Effective Design Principals.  Whether protecting your current investment, attempting to reduce current telephony costs, or trying to migrate to the latest in technologies, SIP Telecom is prepared to assist your firm with consultation and design of a cost effective and open standards solution for your long term telephony needs.

Take Action today.  Give us a call today to see where we can work together to lower your current telecommunications system operating expenses (OPEX), increase productivity, provide a better customer experience and most importantly, improve your bottom line with reliable, user friendly telecom / datacom solutions.

Isn't it time you got plugged into the new world of reliable Voice over IP for cost effective, advanced telecom features?


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