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Consulting and Professional Services Overview

Many small business owners today have a need for expertise on their staff to help make decisions regarding technology purchases, upgrades, or other business requirements around technology.  However, many times its Seattle Telephone consultants telephony VOIP SIPimpractical to have an employee with the necessary expertise on staff due to cost factors.  SIP Telecom's expert staff is available for consulting services to meet your business requirements.  Consider us your IT Department!

  • Hourly Consulting Services - Based on negotiated pricing from a thorough skills assessment, our hourly consulting services can be very cost effective for companies with minimal needs.
  • Managed Consulting Services - Our managed Consulting Services provide for ongoing needs analysis, with low monthly contracts that ensure you have a member of our staff looking after your needs regularly.
  • Prepaid Consulting Services - Our prepaid services are at a negotiated and lower hourly rate, and provide the best value for consulting when needed.  As work is performed, hours are removed from your pre-paid service.  Many companies consider this a method of lowering the hourly cost of their much needed expert labor requirements.


Type of Services we provide:
  • Telecommunications Services - Few have the breadth of experience SIP Telecom has.  We provide unique and cost effective designs to work for your network, utilizing the best in breed  applications, with the technical expertise to get the job done right the first time.
  • Advanced Services - Senior Network Engineering and Architecture of your overall network design.  Our engineers resumes are impressive, and substantial.
  • Project Management - This is a great service for companies that buy advanced technology and need someone on staff to ensure that delivery of purchased designs are completed timely and accurately.
  • Strategic Planning - As a small business ourselves, we understand that sometimes business needs to be done by the bigger guys.  We provide the expert eyes and ears for your relationship with these firms, ensuring your business decisions are sound ones.
  • Advanced Training - Critical to the successful deployment of new services is assurance your end users are trained to utilize their new products and services.  Our training staff can create custom customer training courses, manuals, user guides, or other tools to ensure a successful transition.


Give SIP Telecom a call today to see what we can help you shave off of your bottom line!


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