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What's all the hype about VOIP?  What is VOIP?

VOIP is Voice Over Internet Protocal

This doesn't mean calls are over the Internet necessarily, but it does absolutely use the protocal that was developed for the creation of the internet. 

Let us help you hammer home some savings on your business expenses!           

So what is all the hype about?  Let's get some background first.  If your company has a business telephone system that is not VOIP, it's a good bet that what you use is built completely from costly proprietary products.  These are what we call legacy systems.  In the old days of mainframe computers, we called them legacy systems also.  As Business Telephone System Savings VOIP Repair Installation Servicecomputers starting distributing the processing out to invidual systems, rather than large central systems, the open standards they used started lowering the cost of computer networking, and opened up the options that were available to a business, and allowed for customization of applications based on the needs of the individual.


Today's legacy Telephone Systems are no different.  They use proprietary telephones, attached to proprietary systems that lock you in, and diminish your choices for controlling your costs today, and limit your ability to customize the system to meed the needs of departmets, individuals and the company as a whole.


The legacy systems also uses old, legacy telephone lines that have a substantial cost difference from today's modern Session Initialization Protocal (SIP) lines.  Imagine, a traditional legacy line can cost your firm as much as $40 to $50 per line, per month, plus high long distance rates.  We offer lines for as low as $12.75 a month, and long distance as low as 2 Cents per minute.


So, why would you throw out that old, reliable telephone system that has served you so well?  It's simple.  Economics!  Compare your maintenance contract price for today to what you paid 10 years ago.  It has gone up 3-5 percent per year, or more, and not because of inflation, but because the cost to maintain this older equipment has gone up as it has aged.  Did you even notice?  We call this Maintenance Creep!


           Your telephone lines are 40-60% higher than what your competitor is paying.

 You are missing out on advanced productivity tools. 


How about remote workers, using their telephone from their hotel room, at a lower rate, or working from home.  How much are you paying for conferencing services that can be build right into your system, at no additional cost!  How about find-me follow-me, so your salemen can get that important call on the first try to reach you for a sale.


Unified Messaging - we convert your incoming voicemails and Faxes to PDF and send them to your email, so you can access them anywhere. 

Personal Auto Attendant - allows call to your own voicemail to be routed to another department, inside sales rep, or others to process your customers more efficietly.

And much much more...............................


Here is the secret recipe to saving your company money:

  • Replace the old legacy telephone system with an affordable system from Misiu Systems.
  • Put the system on a low monthly payment via an equipment lease.
  • Instead of paying all that money to your telephone company - pay a smaller amount on a short term lease, rather than the rest of your life to the Telco.
  • Replace those expensive legacy telephone lines with lower cost SIP lines.  The savings will pay the majority of the lease amount, if not all of it!
  • Get rid of that maintenance contract that is so inflated, with new equipment that comes with a 12 month warranty, and put it on a lower maintenance contract for future years.

 Net Result - lower total monthly telephone expense!  New advanced productivity tools in your new system.  Low lease payments that do end at the end of the term!


Let us do a needs analysis for you, and show you what you can save with a new telephone system from Sound IP Telecom.  

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