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Rage! Business Office Xchange Features




Single-Site Rage! PBX

Rage! is the ideal enterprise IP voice solution for any office, starting at 4 to 12 users with 4 analog trunk lines up to several hundred or thousands of users in a single location. It offers an unmatched low purchase price and low operating expenses by leveraging low-cost computer servers,, commodity hardware, and efficient Linux operating system

Multi-site Rage! PBX

Rage! provides a complete solution to your enterprise telephony needs. The system’s architecture lets you easily distribute servers, gateways and intelligence strategically on your network—within one office or among branch offices—for cost savings, high reliability, backup and load balancing. Capabilities such as automatic trunk fail-over and redundancy, high-availability, and least cost routing are must-have features in today’s enterprice environment.

Rage! Remote Workers

Full PBX Functionality Remotely - Rage! remote worker solution is ideal for supporting distributed and mobile professionals with full PBX functionality to any location that has a high-speed or broadband connection. In addition to traditional PBX features, Rage! provides these workers with an extensive list of advanced IP telephony features and the ability to easily add new features over time, regardless of their location.



Rage! Nano   $1195.00   up to 200 Users.           Maximus Rage!   $1995.00   Up to 500 extensions.

Systems come figured with their first trunk gateway, and the first 5 users.  Additional configurations are done on a time and materials basis, or we can provide a fix cost bid for complete configuration of the system.  We offer one year warranty on all parts and labor.  Professional support is provided, along with professional training.  Rage! Business Office Xchange can be shipped anywhere in the United States.  There are no licensing costs with RAGE! Business Office Xchange - the only cost difference is in the cost of the server platform the product is installed on.





·          Transfer (consultative & blind)
·          Call coverage
·          Call hold / retrieve
·          Consultation hold
·          Music on Hold for IETF standards compliant phones
·          Uploadable music file
·          3-way conference
·          Call pickup (global and directed call pickup)
·          Call park & retrieve
·          SIP URI dialing
·          CLID (Calling Line Identification)
·          CNIP (Calling party Name Identification Presentation)
·          CLIP (Call Line Identification Presentation)
·          CLIR (Call Line Identification Restriction)
·          Per gateway CLIP manipulation
·          Call waiting / retrieve
·          Do not Disturb (DnD)
·          Forward on busy, no answer, do not disturb
·          Multiple line appearances
·          Multiple calls per line
·          Multiple station appearance
·          Outbound call blocking
·          Click-to-dial (Windows)
·          Redial
·          Call history (dialed, missed, received)
·          Auto off-hook / ring down
·          Incoming only
·          Configuration of individual Speed Dial softkeys
·          Auto-generation of Directory information
·          Fax to email
·          Every user on the system gets access to a personal Web user portal for self-management and control
·          Management of voicemail
·          Configuration of unified messaging preferences
·          Time based find-me / follow-me
·          Flexible configuration of call forwarding
·          Personal call history
·          Personal phone book, speed dial and presence management
·          ACD presence and supervision capabilities
·          Individual phone management
·          Control of personal conference bridges
·          Peer-to-peer media routing with quality optimization
·          Lower delay and jitter
·          Support for any codec supported by the phone
·          Codec negotiation directly between phones


·          Create a user, provision a phone and assign a line in only three clicks – easy!
·          Numeric or alpha-numeric User ID
·          User PIN management (UI or TUI)
·          Aliasing facility (numeric and alpha-numeric aliases)
·          Extension and alias uniqueness assurance
·          Granular per user permissions
·          Call permissions:
o    900 Dialing
o    International Dialing
o    Long Distance Dialing
o    Mobile Dialing
o    Local Dialing
o    Toll Free Dialing
o    Forward Calls External
·          System permissions:
o    User has voicemail inbox
o    User listed in auto-attendant directory
o    User can record system prompts
o    User has superuser access
o    User allowed to change PIN from TUI
·          Custom permissions added by the administrator
·          Supervisor permission for groups (e.g. Call Center supervisor)
·          SIP password management for security
·          User groups with group properties
·          Per user call forwarding (find me / follow me)
·          To local extension, PSTN number, or SIP address
·          Scheduled forwarding based on user defined individual schedules
·          Parallel or serial ring
·          Allows definition of ring time before trying next number
·          Allows several forwarding destinations
·          Follow-me configuration using user portal
·          Extension pool with automatic assignment
·          Per user Caller ID (CLID) assignment
·          Per user Caller ID blocking


·          Unlimited number of simultaneous calls
·          Unlimited number of trunk lines
·          54,000 BHCC, 120,000 BHCC redundant(dependant on server platform)
·          Up to 10,000 users per dual-server HA system
·          Automatic time distribution of re-registrations
·          Optionally fully redundant call control system
·          Based on DNS SRV (no cluster required)
·          Load balance under normal operating conditions
·          Geographic dispersion of redundant systems
·          Real-time synchronization of state information
·          Reports on load distribution
·          All outbound calls authenticated
·          DoS attack prevention
·          HTTPS secure Web access
·          Secure user SIP password management
·          TLS based signaling for SIP trunks (requires session border controller)
·          Browser based configuration and management
·          LDAP integration (OpenLDAP)
·          Integration with Microsoft Exchange 2007 for voicemail and Active Directory
·          SOAP Web Services interface
·          CSV import and export of user and device data
·          Integrated backup & restore
·          Scheduled backups
·          Diagnostics
o    Display active registrations
o    Display job status
o    Status of services
o    Snapshot logs for debugging
o    Logging (customizable log levels, message log per service)
·          Domain Aliasing
·          Support for DNS SRV
·          Automatic restart after power failure
·          Server statistics (integrated graphs and SNMP)
·          Login history report (successful and unsuccessful)
·          Create as many conference bridges as needed
·          Participant touch tone control of audio settings
·          Conference moderator has web control of conference
·          Number of conference participants depends on server hardware


·          Plug & play management of phones (see the list of plug & play managed devices)
·          Plug & play management of PSTN gateways (see the list of plug & play managed devices)
·          Auto-generation of phone / gateway config profiles
·          Auto-pickup of profile by the phones / gateways
·          Centralized management of all the parameters
·          Centralized backup and restore of all configurations
·          Auto-generation of lines by assigning users to devices
·          Device group management & properties
·          Firmware upgrade management
·          Auto-discovery of phones and gateways
·          Integrated voicemail system at no extra cost
·          Browser based user portal for voicemail management
·          Message Waiting Indication (MWI)
·          User configurable distribution lists
·          Manage Notifications:
o    Email notification of new voicemail messages
o    Forwarding of message as .wav file
·          Manage folders: Folders for message organization
·          Manage greetings: Multiple customizable greetings
·          Operator escape from anywhere
·          Remote voicemail access
·          Unlimited number of inboxes
·          Up to 60 virtual media server ports per server
·          Message store only limited by disk size
·          Auto-removal of deleted messages
·          Daily report on disk usage sent to admin
·         User configurable personal auto-attendant for every user on the system
          Individual zero-out to a personal assistant or receptionist
·          Individual selection of language
·          Personal greeting
·          Unlimited number of auto-attendants
·          Customizable IVR menus
·          Dial by extension and name
·          Night and holiday service
·          Special auto-attendant
·          Transfer on invalid response
·          Nested auto-attendants (multi-level)
·          Fully customizable actions: Operator, Dial by Name, Repeat Prompt, Disconnect Voicemail login, Auto-Attendant, Goto Extension, Deposit Voicemail
·          Uploadable custom prompts
·          Configurable DTMF handling
·          Unlimited number of hunt groups
·          Serial and parallel forking (rings sequentially or at the same time)
·          Configurable ring time per attempt
·          Enable / disable user call forwarding rules while hunting
·          Flexible configuration of destinations if no answer


·          Unlimited number of park orbits
·          Visual indication per phone of park orbit state using the presence server
·          Music on park
·          Configurable call retrieve code
·          Configurable call retrieve timeout
·          Automatic park timeout
·          Configurable park escape key
·          Allow multiple calls on one orbit
·         Supports several ACD servers, optional on separate server hardware
·          Several (unlimited) queues per server
·          Several lines per queue
·          Support trunk lines (many calls per line) or single call per line
·         Dedicated overflow to queues, hunt group, extension or voicemail
·          Configurable call routing scheme per queue:
o    Ring All
o    Circular
o    Linear
o    Longest idle
·        Agent barge in (early termination of welcome message
                (if agent becomes avail.)
·          Agent presence monitor using presence server
·          Separate welcome and queue audio
·          Call termination tone or audio
·          Configurable answer mode
·          Agent wrap-up time configurable per queue
·          Auto sign-out of agents if calls are not answered
·          Configurable maximum ring delay
·          Configurable maximum queue length
·        Configurable maximum wait time until overflow condition
·         Unlimited number of agents per queue
·         Real-time Statistics:
o    Agent statistics
o    Call statistics
o    Queue statistics
·          Supervisor authorization for agent monitoring per group
·          ACD historic reports for agents, calls, queues
·          All reporting stored in database for post-processing if needed
·          Integrated group paging server
·          Unlimited number of paging groups
·          Supports regular SIP phones using auto-answer
·          Supports dedicated in-ceiling devices (SIP)


·          Supports any SIP compliant FXS gateway
·          FAX support (pass-through)
·          Analog cordless phone support
·          Plug & play management of FXS gateways from AudioCodes
·          SIP call origination & termination
·          Branch office routing
·          Internet Calling rules define call routing
·          Proxy to proxy interconnect using ACLs
·          Least-cost-routing (LCR)
·          Comprehensive Call Detail Records collection
·          All data stored in a database accessible by third party reporting packages
·          Display of CDRs in the administration user interface in real-time
·          Easy export to Excel of CDR data
·          Fully supports redundant call control
·          Real-time display of currently active calls in the system
·          Individual call history in user portal
·          RFC 3261 Session Initiation Protocol using both UDP and TCP transports
·          Advanced call control using RFCs
·          3515 Refer Method
·          3891 Referred-By header
·          3892 Replaces header
·          Provide for consultative and blind transfer and third party call controls
·          RFC 3263 Locating SIP Servers - use of DNS SRV records for call routing
        control and server redundancy.
·          RFC 3581 Symmetric Response Routing (rport)
·          RFC 3265 SIP Event Notification - for phone configuration and
·          RFC 3842 Voice mail message waiting indication (MWI)
·          RFC 3262 Reliable Provisional Responses
·          RFC 2833 Out-of-band DTMF tones
·          RFC 3264 Offer/Answer model for SDP for Codec Negotiation
·          RFC 3327 Path header (pending)
·          Early media (SDP in 180/183)
·          Delayed SDP (SDP in ACK)
·          Re-INVITE: Codec change, hold, off-hold
·          Route/Record-Route header fields
·          Configurable RTP/RTCP ports
·          Configurable SIP ports
·          Several newer IETF drafts
·          No proprietary add-ons
Note – Some features are dependent upon other SIP components such as Phones and Gateways.



Are you looking at a proposal for a telephone system today?

Ask these questions of all of your vendors:

Q:  How much are my licensing fees for your product?  (Rage! PBX has no license fees!)

Q:  Does your product use any open standards? (Rage! BOX is based on Open Standards)

Q:  How much are software updates with your product?  (Rage! software updates are Free!)  Yes, you pay for our labor to install software updates after the first year - compare our cost for 4 hours labor to their cost which can be in the thousands to tens of thousands of dollars.

Q:  How much does it cost to add more users?  (Rage! Business Office Xchange has no licensing.  Need more users, simply add them!)

How much to add more trunks? (Rage! has no licensing.  Need more trunks, simply add them1)

How does your company earn money on the sale of this product?  (Misiu Systems earns their living the old fashioned way - we provide good old fashion professional services at an hourly rate, or at a contract or bid rate.  Yes, we do put a small markup on equipment like other vendors do.  But, we have no licensing fees, and so we also have no markup added to licensing either.  There is no magic in how we save your bottom line.  Compare our labor rates to theirs - we think you will see the value!)


Deduct the license fees from your quote, and you will be close to our price.  Our guess is we save you 20-30% on your cost!  That is savings to your bottom line!  Feature for Feature - we beat the competition.  Our cost to their cost - we blow them away.  We can honestly say - nobody has ever lost their job recommending our products and services!  Many have enjoyed their bonus!


GIve SIP Telecom a call today for your free system analysis and quote - 206-432-4343. 


SIP - It is the RAGE!

Rage! Business Office Xchange



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