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Voice Operator Panel by Joher is a professional SIP softphone for operators, receptionists and call center agents which provides a powerful and efficient software based switchboard, attendant console or call center position.


Based on Open SIP standards, and compatible with most SIP PBX products, VOP incorporates many productivity enhancing features that create a smooth operating, high volume tool for any office environment, but performs especially well and above the competition in Call Centers, Receptionist and Operator Positions. 


Most companies benefit from a reception console, yet, most modern VOIP based PBX products simply don't have solutions to replace the old reception console cost effectively.  You could install a standard VOIP phone, with it's side car Busy Lamp Displays.  But why deploy old technology with your advanced SIP PBX features.  Of course, you can have a simple software based softphone for your receptionist as well.



Voice Operator Panel is the answer to your receptionist console needs.  A software based solution, that integrates with your PBX, as well as a standard telephone for your receptionist.  Your receptionist can answer on a headset connected to a PC, or use a standard telephone with call control done on the software on the PC.  Having the high fidelity of a SIP phone, and the convenience of a software console, your receptionist enjoys the best of both worlds - high fidelity call to the reception console, yet the convenience of drag and drop, CRM lookup, incoming DID directory, etc.  All of this at a MSRP of $399.


Productivity tools to enhance the office enviroment includes:

  • SIP Soft Client
  • Integrates with a standard desktop phone as an option
  • Caller ID and Called Number displayed on all calls
  • Individual Directories based on called number
  • Full featured and customizable console application
  • Integrated CRM with integrated browser provides screen pops based on Caller ID Name and Number. 
  • Drag and Drop Call Processing for fast and efficient call management
  • Multiple User Directories using LDAP, Outlook, or XML
  • Integrated Directory with presense
  • XMPP integration
  • Call Recorder 
  • Voice Operator Panel has been fully validated with Cirpack, Communigate, Enswitch, PBXnSIP, 3CX, Asterisk, sipXecs, FreeSWITCH, OpenSIPS
  • Click here for a complete list of features..........

If you need an Operator or Reception console for your VOIP or SIP telephone system, give us a call.  Voice Operator Panel is the most advanced and cost effective solution available on the market today. 

SIP Telecom is a US based distributor of all Voice Operator Panel products.  Call today for pricing details.

SIP Telecom provides sales consulting and integration services - let us show you how to put Voice Operator Panel to work for your companies receptionist, operator or call center agent.

Install a 30-day no obligation trial today!  



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